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Onward, soldier, Onward!

my time in Colorado has come to a close. I leave Thursday morning for Tennessee. my grand adventure. my second chance. my fresh start. my new beginning.

I am excited. so. I am convinced this is right. this is good. this is God’s calling. I have no anxiety or fear. in fact, quite the opposite. I have such joy and freedom in this. I KNOW I am on the right path.

but I have learned so much the last 26 years here in Colorado. it has been my home. where I have raised my kiddos. where I found Jesus. heard Him. drew near to Him. responded to Him.

I created friendships that will last a lifetime. I have laughed. cried. screamed. learned. I have literally walked hundreds of miles throughout our family neighborhood of Gleneagle. I have watched both my kids grow, learn to ride bikes, go to school dances, graduate, date, play, learn, fail and grow.

I too have played. learned. failed and grown. I came a scared married young mom. I leave strong. single. wise. aged woman. I have learned to dance alone outside the bonds of a long-term marriage. I have learned to appreciate the who of me. I have grown to love what makes me unique. I am able to receive love in its purest forms. I have learned to live in peace. no longer a slave to anxiety and fear.

I am grateful for all Colorado has given. taught. been.

I am grateful for my sister who gave me a home the last 11 months. my kids who have taught me how to love and accept. I am grateful for all my marriage taught me. I am grateful for all the friends I have made, both new and old. I am grateful for all the laughter we have shared. all the tears we have shed. all the love we have given.

without these people. these experiences. these opportunities. I could not launch into this new season. this grand adventure. I am who I am and I am able to do what I do because I have a village behind me cheering me on. believing in me. praying for me. making me stronger.

Colorado has been good to me.

Onward, soldier, onward!



realized yesterday morning that i have been wallowing in self pity for over a week. not a particularly flattering observation to make. i had tried other descriptive words for my malaise earlier in the morning while praying: pride, self righteousness, anger, bitterness. but when i hit upon self pity, i began weeping. that descriptor fit the bill. and in that moment i truly saw my shame. my malaise. in its fullness.

and i finally knew what needed restoration. i could look at the fullness of my angst. my sadness.and i could slay the beast. i could rightly hear the undertones of my choices. my internal talkings of “oh poor me. this isn’t fair. i deserve better. why is this happening to me?”i could peel back all the other words and see the all its gnarly, spreading, cancerous proportions. i could understand my heart because i could hear my heart. and i could finally stop the diatribe i had been living in, repeating ad nauseam. could right the wrong thinking.

and in doing so i righted my attitude and my direction. instead of looking back i was once again able to be future see the outlines of what is ahead for me. i could breathe. i could believe. i could be in the moment.

and because of the work i did yesterday was able to rejoice today in the finished work of the Cross, the empty tomb, my risen Savior.i was able to reflect on the changes in me that have occurred over the course of the last 4 years. to see the new reflection of me in the mirror. to realize that i now see and look at myself when i stand in front of a mirror. i recognize myself in the woman looking back at me.i like what i see.even more, i love who i see.i realize in the quiet of the night, when its dark and i am alone with myself, that i love myself even then.i accept myself. i am authentic with myself.

no longer do i use another human being as a panacea for my woundedness. no longer do i deny my wounds. i see them. call them by name. and do the necessary work to heal them.

i see my future opening up in front of me.and i stand ready. nervous but ready.scared but ready. excited and ready.i am content within myself. i am content with myself. i am content with my God. with my aloneness.

i have hope in what tomorrow will bring.belief that my future is secure in God’s that He walks with me. love that is eternal.

i am ready

what horses taught me

I had counseling this morning. I knew it would be big based on my last blog and the realization that I do not know how to dream and believe for myself. my body knew it was big too based on its reactions all morning leading up to counseling. I was running to the bathroom constantly, I chose a big comfy sweater to wear so I could use it as a shield, I stopped for coffee on the way because I needed the comfort of something warm to drink. all signs to me that my body was telling me that is was anxious for what I was going to process. I remember all these reactions from early on in counseling. then I was so UNaware of my body’s preparations or foretelling of what I was doing was big. today, however, I recognized each one. and smiled in understanding. and breathed deeply in anticipation.

I told my counselor straight up here is what I know I need to process: I don’t know how to dream a future for myself nor believe I can make it happen. not only that but somehow my ex is involved. and my horse. I have been missing my horse tremendously the last few weeks. his smell. his touch. his power. his majesty. his strength.

so out came the EMDR tools and the picture of my horse and the absolute grief I feel over missing him. my grief was at a 10 on the scale of 1-10. the tears were streaming down my face.

the journey of EMDR is always amazing to me. beautiful. freeing. I am in awe of my body’s ability to lead me back to move me forward. the sweet touch of Jesus as He takes me on a journey of emotions. to bring me to self belief and love.

this was no different than the many hundreds of EMDR journeys I have taken over the years. it was sweet. beautiful. healing. freeing. profound.

I realized that my time with our horses taught me so much about myself otherwise unknown. un-touched. un-experienced. I came into ranch life with no knowledge of horses. their care. their needs. their abilities. their life giving touch. I learned under the tutelage of a wonderful, knowledgeable, loving woman. she taught me the ins and outs of daily care. she believed in me. when I didn’t believe in myself. she watched. listened. guided. laughed. and taught. repeatedly. and I listened. and learned. and appropriated all she gave. I got it. I lived it. I loved it.

the horses accepted me. rallied around me. I heard their hearts. and proved to them that I was more than capable to care for them. I felt their love and gave them love in return. they showed me I had more physical strength than I ever knew.  business strength yet un-tapped. I had an insatiable desire to learn and do well. and I did just that. I could stand in their midst and be at peace. I could feel their pain. and their freedom. I appreciated them for all they are. I was not your typical horse woman. I had no desire to ride them although I took a few lessons. my role was on the ground. in their world. I downplayed my horsemanship because I wasn’t a rider. but now I can see I was still a horsewoman. and I still am.

I was struggling because I was thinking that my ex had stolen this from me. he lives on the property where the horses are so I cannot go out there. and then in my “holy shit” moment of counseling I realized that he CANNOT take this from me! he doesn’t have the power over me. not anymore. I had my moment of closure in counseling. I saw the gift the horses gave me. the lessons they taught me. the wings they gave me. I saw it and i accepted it. in all its abundance and beauty.

I ended with this word from God. as I reflected over the fact that at the same time that we walked onto our first ranch, my marriage was hitting the apex of chaos. I had the juxtaposition of the sweetness of all the horses gave and taught in the midst of all that I had believed in falling apart around me. and I asked God why did you give me such a sweet time just to take all that away from me? and this. this is what He told me

“I gave you that sweet time in order to give you freedom and move you forward”

He didn’t take something away from me. He gave me something sweeter. a knowledge that I can do. and learn. and become. more than I give myself credit for. more than I can imagine on my own.

that is amazing grace. that is abundant love.

that humbles me. overwhelms me. bathes me in un-imaginable grace and mercy.

I see a future. it is becoming clearer. I know I can do it. I can learn. I can become. I can take the next right step. and then the next.

I got  this.

because God has got me.

I was struck this week with this truth:

I do no know how to  dream for myself, how to believe that there is a purpose and future out there for me to attain.

this is a bid deal. a big reality.

but rather than let this overwhelm me. get me down. I turned to God. lifted it to Him in prayer. asked for His hand on me to give me the ability to learn this skill.

I am accustomed to recognizing areas I have not exercised. and learning to exercise these weakened muscles. it’s not that I am without the ability to learn this. it is a skill I need to learn. practice. repeat. this I can do.

for me, it starts with prayer. ends there, too, for that matter.

here are the words God gave me in that first prayer.

“Use my hands for healing. My voice for boldness. My life for worship”

it is my daily prayer now. I know not what it means. YET. but I know as I practice taking this to prayer. process with my counselor and THE Wonderful Counselor. take the next right step. and the next one after that. I will begin to see this skill become a habit. a belief. a truth I live.

I am both excited and nervous to see how my life. my beliefs. my faith. is transformed as I make this new truth a belief. it is big. shaking the cobwebs off old beliefs and replacing them with new profound realities is big work. from inside out. in fact it is in the inside work  that big outward changes happen. unmasking the false beliefs is always freeing. but it takes perseverance. daily recognizing when old lies creep in, attempting to worm their way back into my heart. daily reminding myself of new truths. repeating the TRUTH to my  self. breathing them in. breathing out the old.

this is work I have done before. it is achievable. I will do this. I am accustomed to hard work. deep faith. I am daily being freed because I have forever been freed by the blood of my Saviour.

‘Use my hands for healing. my voice for boldness. my life for worship”