Onward, soldier, Onward!

my time in Colorado has come to a close. I leave Thursday morning for Tennessee. my grand adventure. my second chance. my fresh start. my new beginning.

I am excited. so. I am convinced this is right. this is good. this is God’s calling. I have no anxiety or fear. in fact, quite the opposite. I have such joy and freedom in this. I KNOW I am on the right path.

but I have learned so much the last 26 years here in Colorado. it has been my home. where I have raised my kiddos. where I found Jesus. heard Him. drew near to Him. responded to Him.

I created friendships that will last a lifetime. I have laughed. cried. screamed. learned. I have literally walked hundreds of miles throughout our family neighborhood of Gleneagle. I have watched both my kids grow, learn to ride bikes, go to school dances, graduate, date, play, learn, fail and grow.

I too have played. learned. failed and grown. I came a scared married young mom. I leave strong. single. wise. aged woman. I have learned to dance alone outside the bonds of a long-term marriage. I have learned to appreciate the who of me. I have grown to love what makes me unique. I am able to receive love in its purest forms. I have learned to live in peace. no longer a slave to anxiety and fear.

I am grateful for all Colorado has given. taught. been.

I am grateful for my sister who gave me a home the last 11 months. my kids who have taught me how to love and accept. I am grateful for all my marriage taught me. I am grateful for all the friends I have made, both new and old. I am grateful for all the laughter we have shared. all the tears we have shed. all the love we have given.

without these people. these experiences. these opportunities. I could not launch into this new season. this grand adventure. I am who I am and I am able to do what I do because I have a village behind me cheering me on. believing in me. praying for me. making me stronger.

Colorado has been good to me.

Onward, soldier, onward!


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